Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Here we go ... !

I've often wondered why people blog, and wondered also whether or not I should join in. However, as I have read snippets of other people's efforts and found quite a number of them interesting at one level or another, I thought to myself "the hell with it, I'll have a go!" One of the features of the Internet of course is that although there is much out there of interest, there is much more which appalls, annoys infuriates, etc, but one is so used to this that one simply "clicks on by" until something altogether more appealing turns up. So anyone finding my ramblings (I have no intention of making this post particularly organised) interesting in some way is welcome to stop by, and if you are completely disinterested, then by all means "click on by". I don't have any particular axes to grind, I'm just a regular "family guy" with a wife, two grown up sons (no grand-sprogs yet!), a number of bizarre leisure interests, politically outspoken amongst my close acquaintances but not politically active and whose biggest dislike is the effect of the passing years (I'm 52 years old) on one's physical and mental abilities. My second biggest dislike is bad manners. That's it, end of first ever blog!

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