Sunday, 21 November 2010

I've finally made my peace with (Pendrive) Linux!

I suppose I am about to admit that I've been wrong all along, that I didn't really understand what Linux is all about, etc, etc.

Undoubtedly that's true.

What has changed my view is the fact that I've been using for some little time now a "Pendrive Linux" Ubuntu distro, and that has served me very well. So well that I really ought to be grateful and revise my opinions about Linux in general.

With this software, which as has been hinted at above, is installed on a USB "PenDrive", I have been able to (for example) surf the Internet using my "work laptop" (fairly well locked down by my company's IT department) whilst working away from home, staying in hotels, and so on.

This distro has performed without any problems for several months, other than running out of space, and that was down to me not setting it up with adequate space to start with, rather than it being a problem with the software itself.

I can connect to my POP3 Email accounts at will, and even do other arcane stuff such as analyse configurations of whatever WiFi network I am connected to as required and work around them if possible.

For a piece of free software, this has to be a Good Thing!

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