Sunday, 24 April 2011

Band I TV and Radio Meteors - the End is Nigh!

I have blogged a couple of times already about the disappearance of VHF analogue TV in Band I, today I came across a little more information about the demise of the few remaining sources available to we "Meteor Reflection Enthusiasts".

It seems the Ostrava (Czech Republic) transmitter on channel R1 (49.76MHz) will close on 30th November 2011, and the Lousa (Portugal) transmitter on channel E3 (55.25MHz) will close on 26th April 2012, in almost exactly a year's time.

Spectrum Lab Capture of Metor Burst

Quite what, if any signals will be found for displaying meteor reflections once these disappear, I know not, but in the meantime I have resolved to make some audio recordings so that the use of the audio software I use (R_Meteor, SpectrumLaboratory, etc) can be demonstrated should anyone show any interest!

R_Meteor Capture of above SpecLab event

Amateur signals such as beacons are too low in power to fill the gap.   Maybe some QRO beacons are required?   Not very "green", though!

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